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Flexible System-Level Monitoring of Heterogeneous Big Data Streaming Systems (Beitrag zu einer Tagung / Konferenz) - Einzelansicht

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Titel der Arbeit (title) Flexible System-Level Monitoring of Heterogeneous Big Data Streaming Systems
Erscheinungsjahr 2018
Verlag (publisher) IEEE
Buchtitel (booktitle) Proceedings of the 44th Euromicro Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications
Seitenzahl (pages) 289-292
Publikationsart Beitrag zu einer Tagung / Konferenz

Monitoring complex distributed and heterogeneous systems such as cyber-physical or internet-of-things systems is challenging. Different kinds of information must be aggregated in a flexible manner to provide an overview on the actual state of the system. Recently, even heterogeneous Big Data systems have been proposed, which integrate classical server machines and hardware co-processors, such as Graphical Processing Units. In this paper, we present a system-level monitoring approach for a heterogeneous Big Data streaming system. We discuss the requirements stemming from a recent research project, a solution architecture and discuss experiences and promising results from preliminary experiments with the realization.

Beteiligte Personen

Eichelberger, Holger, Dr. rer. nat.  


Abt. Software Systems Engineering
Inst. für Informatik
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